Sunday School at Home for December 12

The Joy of Christmas

Theme: Joy is found in sharing.
Scripture: Luke 3:7-18
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The Children’s Sermon

You’ll Need:
● A wrapped Christmas gift

Do This:
SAY: Look at this beautiful Christmas gift. (Pass the gift around.) Do you ever look
under the tree to see how many of the gifts have your name on them? (Pause for
There’s a story about a little boy who checked the presents under the tree every
day. He loved looking through them, arranging them, and counting them. One day,
he discovered that his sister had more gifts than he did. He ran to his mother very
"Katie has more presents under the Christmas tree than I do!" he cried.
His mom explained that getting gifts under the tree isn’t what Christmas is really
all about because Jesus is our greatest gift.

● Have you ever felt the way this boy did? Explain.
● How did that experience affect your joy?

SAY: Christmas should be a time of joy. Today, we’ll learn our true joy is in Jesus’ birth,
not the presents we get. In fact, God tells us that giving is even better than
In the Bible, John the Baptist was sent to prepare people for the coming of Jesus.
He told them to repent of their sins and prepare their hearts for the coming of our
"What should we do?" they asked.
John replied, "If you have two coats, give one of them to the one who has none. If
you have food, share it with those who have none."
This message is for us, too. If we want to experience the real joy that Jesus wants
for us, then we must learn to share! By sharing what God has so generously given
to us, we will receive an even greater gift -- the gift of joy.

● What is one way you can give others joy during Christmas?

PRAY: Dear God, help us to learn that it is through remembering Jesus’ birth and
giving to others that we receive true joy at Christmas. In Jesus’ name, amen.

The Joy of Christmas Video

You’ll Need:
● “The Joy of Christmas” video
● Something to play the video


Show the video.

● If you were the shop owner, would you make the man pay for his tunic? Why
or why not?
● What is something you have two of, and could give one away?

PRAY: Dear God, Your Son, Jesus, is the joy of Christmas. Please help us to feel
Your love and joy this Christmas. Thank You for reminding us to be joyful givers. In
Jesus’ name, amen.

Time to Praise God

You’ll Need:
● “Joy to the World”

● “Away in a Manger”

SAY: As we prepare to celebrate this Christmas, let’s remember that our joy is in
giving, and Jesus is the reason for the season. Let’s worship Him through song
Lead children in singing “Joy to the World” and “Away in a Manger.”

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