Sunday School at Home for January 9, 2022

Jesus, the One and Only

Theme: Jesus is God’s one and only, chosen Son.
Scripture: Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

Complete Supply List:
● A cheap watch
● “Jesus, the One and Only” video
● Something to play the video

The Children’s Sermon
You’ll Need:
● A cheap watch

Do This:
Selling cheap, fake designer purses, sunglasses, and watches has become a
multi-million dollar business. Whether it be on the street corner or an online store,
more and more people are making a living by selling deceiving products.
Do any of you know what a Rolex is? (Pause for responses.) A Rolex is a fancy watch
brand that is very expensive. At first glance, a fake Rolex watch might seem like a
good deal (Hold up the watch and pass it around to kids). After all, a real Rolex would
cost thousands of dollars, and the guy on the street corner is selling them for only
$20! What's the big deal? Who will know the difference? (Pause for responses.)
Well, after a few weeks, the fake Rolex no longer keeps time. Oh well, it still looks
good, so you can wear it as a bracelet. But as months pass, the finish begins to rub
off, and it isn't very pretty. Suddenly, what seemed like a good deal no longer
seems like such a good deal after all!
● Have you ever seen a fake brand or object pretending to be the real thing?
● How could you tell the difference between the fake version and the real
version of the item above?
Buying an imitation watch might not be a great loss. After all, it only cost $20. But
when it comes to your relationship with God, it is important to put your faith in the
real Savior, Jesus. There is much more at stake than $20, as Jesus is the only way
to heaven. Many claim to be God, and there are false teachers who claim to know
the way to heaven, but Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one
comes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6).
In the Bible, many wondered if John the Baptist was God’s Son, but John was quick
to correct people, saying there is One who will come who is more powerful than
him, and whose sandal straps he is not worthy to untie.
John the Baptist later baptized Jesus, and the Holy Spirit came to Jesus in the
form of a dove, as a voice from heaven said, “You are my Son, whom I love; with you
I am well pleased.”
Jesus is God’s one and only Son, so we must put our faith in Him alone and watch
out for fake teachers. We’ll learn more about that today.

PRAY: Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus as our one and only Savior. Please
help us to look out for people trying to imitate Him and deceive us. We put our faith
in Jesus alone. In Jesus’ name, amen.

We Serve Like Jesus Video
You’ll Need:
● “Jesus, the One and Only” video
● Something to play the video

Do This:
Show the video.
● Would you have believed John the Baptist that the Messiah was coming? Why
or why not?
● What is one way you can follow Jesus’ teachings today?

Jesus Says Game

Do This:
To play the “Jesus Says Game,” follow these steps:
● Explain that you are going to play a version of the game Simon Says, but Jesus
will be the leader instead of Simon.
● Instruct kids to follow the commands you say ONLY when you say “Jesus says”
before the command. Examples to use:
○ Jesus says, “Touch your ear.”
○ Rub your hands together.
○ Jesus says, “Shake hands with your neighbor.”
○ Jesus says, “Jump for joy.”
○ Spin around in a circle.
○ Jesus says, “Look up to the sky.”
○ Do three jumping jacks.
○ Give your neighbor a high-five.
○ Jesus says, “Draw a heart shape in the air.”
● When a child follows a command that was not preceded by “Jesus Says,” he or
she is out of the game.
● The last child standing is the winner.
● Repeat several rounds as time permits, allowing volunteers to play the role of
SAY: Sometimes it’s hard to tell the voice of Jesus apart from other voices. God
warns us to watch out for false teachers who will mislead us. But no imitator of
Jesus is worthy to fill His shoes. Following His voice alone glorifies God and gives
us the best life.
● How can you tell the voice of Jesus from the other voices?
● What is one way you can spot a false teacher?

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