Sunday School at Home for June 6 2021
Theme: Temptation in the Garden of Eden
Scripture: Genesis 3:8-15
The Children’s Sermon
You’ll Need:
● A cookie jar filled with cookies
Do This:
SAY: Do you have a cookie jar at your house? (Place the cookie jar open in the
middle of the group of children, and remind them not to touch it.) When I was young,
we always had a cookie jar. Sometimes I would come home from school to find my
mother baking cookies. I remember she would tell me, "Don't eat any of these
cookies before dinner; you’ll spoil your appetite." That was quite a temptation.
Does anyone know what the word “temptation” means? (Pause). Temptation
happens when something or someone makes you desire to do something that
you’re not supposed to do. But God is always there to help us do the right thing.
My cookie story reminds me of a game we used to play in school: "Who Stole the
Cookies from the Cookie Jar?" We sat in a circle and said a rhyme. Sing along with
me if you know it:
Accuser: Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
[Child’s name] stole the cookies from the cookie jar.
[Child’s name]: Who, me?
Accuser: Yes, you!
[Child’s name]: Not me!
Accuser: Then who?
[Child’s name]: [Another child’s name] stole the cookies from the cookie jar.
Lead kids in saying the rhyme several times.
You know, that must be the oldest game in the world--a similar version of it
started in the Garden of Eden. That was a beautiful garden that God gave the first
two humans, Adam and Eve. Gold told them they could eat anything they wanted,
except for the fruit from one tree. But when Adam and Eve were tempted by the
fruit, they disobeyed God and ate it. Then they both blamed it on someone else,
like in the cookie jar game. Adam blamed it on Eve, and Eve blamed it on the snake
who helped convince her to eat it.
Tell about a time your parents told you to do something and you did the right thing.
(Pause.) Tell about a time someone blamed you for doing something wrong, but
they did it!
God wanted Adam and Eve to do the right thing. God wants us to do the right thing,
too. And God helps us do the right thing.
PRAY: Dear God, thank You that You help us do the right thing. Thank You for giving
us the power to choose the right way. In Jesus' name, amen.
A Tale from a Tree Video
You’ll Need:


Do This:
Show them the video.
● What surprised you most in the video?
● How did Adam and Eve’s actions affect all the animals?
● How do these sins affect others?
○ Stealing
○ Lying
○ Hitting
SAY: Adam and Eve were given so much, but they did not obey God’s one rule. And
their choices hurt all the animals and all of us for years. It’s important for us to
remember that God’s way is always best for us, and He will always help us do the
right thing.

Snake Snack
You’ll Need:
● Paper plates - one per child
● Toothpicks
● Sliced bananas
● Sliced strawberries
● Napkins - one per child
Do This:
Follow these steps for the “Snake Snack”:
● Give each child a paper plate, a napkin, and some toothpicks.
● Place the sliced bananas and strawberries in the center of the table for all the
kids to reach.
● Invite kids to make a patterned snake by placing the sliced fruit together in a
row. Encourage children to get creative--the row does not have to be straight!
● Enjoy.
● What are some things that are tempting for you?
● What is a way that God helps us to say “no” to the bad things that tempt us?
SAY: The enemy, the devil, does not want us to obey God. The devil is like that
sneaky snake and wants us to do what will harm us. Let’s turn toward God and do

Complete Supply List:
● A cookie jar filled with cookies
● “A Tale from a Tree” video lesson
● Something to play the video
● Paper plates - one per child
● Toothpicks
● Sliced bananas
● Sliced strawberries
● Napkins - one per child
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