Sunday School at Home for March 6, 2022

What Did Jesus Do?

Theme: How do we defeat Satan? By following Jesus’ example.
Scripture: Luke 4:1-13
Complete Supply List:
● WWJD bracelet
● Stones or construction paper cut into stone shapes
● Bibles
● Butcher paper - 1 banner for each child
● Markers
● “What Did Jesus Do?” video lesson
● Something to play the video
● Chalk
● Cardstock - 1 per child
● Tissue
● Edible cookie dough
● Paper plates

The Children’s Sermon
You’ll Need:
● WWJD bracelet

Do This:
SAY: I got this new bracelet. (Show it to kids, and then put it on.) It says “WWJD,”
which stands for “What would Jesus do?” These used to be popular, and today
some people are wearing them again. (Invite kids to tell whether they’ve seen anyone
wearing them.) We can use this bracelet as a reminder to be like Jesus.
● So, what kinds of things have you known Jesus to do that you could follow?
● Why might kids want a reminder like this throughout their days?
Kids can be tempted to do all kinds of things at school, in their neighborhoods, and
even at home…things that aren’t God-honoring or what’s best for us, right? Well,
Jesus knows what it’s like to be tempted, too. The Bible tells about a time Jesus
went out into the wilderness for 40 days to be by Himself. God’s Spirit led Him out
there to fast and pray. (Invite kids to tell about anyone they know who has fasted, or
share your own story.)
During that time God’s enemy, Satan came and tempted Jesus to do some things
Jesus knew weren’t right. But just because Jesus is God and He’s powerful, that
doesn’t mean the things Satan suggested weren’t tempting. Like first, Satan
suggested Jesus turn stones into bread that Jesus could eat. (Have kids close their
eyes for a moment and imagine what it might be like for them to not eat or drink
anything for 40 days, and how that might feel. After a minute, invite them to reflect on
their thoughts.)
Jesus could have easily done what Satan suggested, but He didn't. Instead, He
answered, "It is written, 'Man does not live by bread alone.' "
Then Satan took Jesus up to a high place and showed Him the worldly kingdoms
below. He said, "All of this belongs to me. If You will bow down and worship me, I
will give it to You."
● Worship can mean “make more important than God”; so what kinds of things
are you sometimes tempted to make more important than God?
Here’s what Jesus answered to Satan’s temptation: "It is written, 'Worship the Lord
your God and serve Him only.' "
Next, Satan took Jesus to Jerusalem and led Him up to the highest point on the
temple. He said to Jesus, "If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down from
here. God will send His angels to rescue You." (Lead kids in a vote: Who thinks God
could keep Jesus from harm if He did jump off that temple.)
Of course, God could keep Jesus safe, but Jesus quoted the Scripture, " 'Do not put
the Lord your God to the test.' "
Do you know what the devil did? He gave up! He said, "I'll come back and try
another day."
The next time the devil tempts you to do something wrong, look in the Bible and
see what the Bible says. Then...Do What Jesus Did...answer Satan with Scripture!

PRAY: Dear God, help us use Your word and follow Jesus’ example in our lives. In
Jesus’ name, amen.

Bible Memory Verse
“Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was
led by the Spirit in the desert, where for 40 days He was
tempted by the devil.” Luke 4:1-2

You’ll Need:
● Stones or construction paper cut into stone shapes
● Bibles
Get Ready: Write words or phrases on the stones from the verse.

Do This:
Have kids follow these steps to learn the verse in this way:
● Lead kids in opening their Bibles to Luke 4:1-2.
● Invite a child to read it aloud.
● Have them put the stones in order of the verse.
● Say the verse aloud together.
● Remove a few stones, and have kids try to say the verse without the missing
● Repeat, until all the stones are gone.

● In our activity, we removed all the stones. How might the idea of removing
something that’s tempting you help you to make the right choice?
SAY: Jesus removed His temptations by quoting Scripture. And we can follow His
example by quoting this verse to remind us to use His power when we’re tempted.

Bible Interactive Experience
You’ll Need:
● Butcher paper - 1 banner for each child
● Markers
● Bibles

Do This:
SAY: Today we’re learning about a time God’s Spirit led Jesus into the desert and
while He was there, Satan, or the devil, came along and tempted Jesus. Jesus
used God’s Word to fight the temptations; so let’s make banners to remind us of
the Scripture Jesus used.

Lead kids to make the banners following these steps:
● Give each child a banner and some markers.
● Have kids divide their banners into three equal sections.
● Invite a child to read aloud Luke 4:1-4.
● In the first section, have kids draw a large stone, and write the words Jesus
used to fight the temptation around that stone.

● What surprised you about how Jesus responded to the devil?
● Invite a child to read aloud Luke 4:5-8.
● In the second section, have kids draw some mountains, and write the words
Jesus used to fight that temptation along the top edges of the mountains.

● Why is it wrong to worship God’s enemy, the devil?
● Invite a child to read aloud Luke 4:9-13.
● In the third section, have kids draw a temple, and write the words Jesus used to
fight that temptation on the roof of the temple.

● What can you do when you’re tempted to make a wrong choice?
SAY: All of us are tempted to make wrong choices. Even Jesus knows what it feels
like. And Jesus shows us we can remember what the Bible says about right and
wrong to help us do what’s best for us and others.

Video Lesson
You’ll Need:
● “What Did Jesus Do?” video lesson
● Something to play the video

Do This:
Show the video.

● What is one way you are tempted to make a wrong choice at home or at
● How does it make you feel knowing that even we can do what Jesus did
when it comes to temptation?

Resist the Devil Chalk Talk
You’ll Need:
● Chalk
● Cardstock - 1 per child
● Tissue

Do This:
To make the craft, have kids follow these steps:
● Give children each a piece of cardstock and chalk.
● Have them fold it into four quadrants.
● Have kids write or draw a temptation that the children in your group might face
in one quadrant.
● Invite kids to tell what they could do to face the temptation by following Jesus’
● Have kids “erase” their first drawings by rubbing the chalk away with tissue, and
write or draw over the original picture how they’d follow Jesus’ example.
● Repeat for each of the other four quadrants.
● Have them fold up their cardstock and write on the outside, “What would Jesus

Rock Cookies
You’ll Need:
● Edible cookie dough
● Paper plates

Do This:
Follow these steps to make the snacks:
● Have kids clean their hands.
● Give each child some cookie dough.
● Encourage kids to make “stones” out of the dough by rolling it in their hands.
● Lead kids in singing “Jesus was led by the Spirit in the desert, where He was
tempted by the devil” as they work.
● Explain that Jesus said, “No way!” to the devil’s temptation because He knew it
wasn’t the time to eat, but Jesus did eat later when God said it was the time to
eat again.
● Explain that it’s time to eat right now. Lead them in a prayer, thanking God for
the food.
● Enjoy.

SAY: Jesus was tempted, but He followed what God said was right. We can follow
what God says is right, too, by following Jesus’ example.

Prayers for Temptation
Do This:
Lead kids to pray in this way:
● Have kids sit in pairs.
● Invite them to briefly share a temptation they have with their partner.
● Have the partners pray for one another in their temptations.
● Close in prayer.

PRAY: Dear God, help us to follow Jesus’ example when we’re faced with
temptations. We trust that You’ll give us power to face them and make the right
choices. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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