Sunday School at Home for November 19, 2023

The Parable of the Talents

Theme: Parables of Jesus
Scripture: Matthew 25:14-30
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The Children’s Sermon:
You’ll Need:
● Wrapped shoe box that can be opened
● Index cards
Get Ready: Before you begin, write the following on separate index cards: talented at
sports, gifted singer or musician, talented at school, gifted with art, and
dancing/theater talents.
Do This:
SAY: Think about some of the special gifts or talents God gave you. (Allow time.)
Let’s look in my gift box to see what I’m talking about. (Open the gift box and pull out
a card.) Maybe God has gifted you with a musical talent like singing or playing an
instrument. (Invite kids to sing a few notes, such as “Doe, ray, me!”) Some of you may
have been given athletic skills which make you very good at playing a sport. (Invite
kids to pretend to shoot a basket.) Maybe you have intellectual gifts; so you do very
well in school. (Have kids make a book shape with their hands and pretend to read.)
Some of you may have artistic talents and can paint, draw, or sculpt. (Have kids
pretend to paint a picture.) Some of you may be good at dancing or acting. (Invite
kids to stand up and do a quick dance move.) Let’s see what your talent is. Repeat the
action we did for your greatest area of talent. (Pause for kids to respond.) No matter
what gifts God gave you, I know He’s given each and every one of you at least one
special gift or talent.
When God gives you a gift, He expects you to use it. He doesn’t want the gift to go
to waste. God wants you to take that gift and use it to show others how great He is.
That’s what our Bible lesson is about today.
In the Bible, Jesus tells many parables. Parables are stories that teach a lesson.
Today, we’ll hear Jesus’ parable called "The Parable of the Talents."
Jesus’ story starts with a man who went off on a long trip. (Have kids pretend to
throw a backpack over their shoulder.) Before he left, he called his servants together
and gave each of them a part of his wealth to take care of while he was gone. To
one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to a third he gave one bag.
Then he left on his journey.
While he was gone, the servant who had five bags of gold worked hard and doubled
his five bags so he ended up with ten bags of gold. (Invite kids to cheer for the man
who used his talents.) The man with two bags also doubled his; so he had four.
(Invite kids to cheer for the second man who used his talents.) But the servant with
one bag dug a hole and buried his boss’s money. (Invite kids to show thumbs down.)
When the boss returned, he asked his servants to share what they did with the
gifts he gave them. The boss told the two who doubled their bags, "Well done!
Because you have used what I gave you well, I will give you much more."
Then the third servant told the boss, "I was afraid, so I took what you gave me and
hid it in the ground so that it would be safe."
"You lazy servant!" the boss answered. "You could have at least put the gold in the
bank so that I could have earned a little interest on it." The boss took the gold from
the servant and gave it to the one who already had the most. He explained, "To
those who make what they have been given better will be given more. But from
those who do nothing, theirs will be taken away."
Sometimes we might think God hasn't given us very much talent. We might even be
tempted to hide our talent. But when we use our God-given talent to be all that God
planned for us to be, He will give us even more!
PRAY: Dear God, we thank You for the gifts You‘ve given each of us. We pray that
we will be faithful in using these gifts to show others how wonderful You are. In
Jesus’ name, amen.

“Using Their Talents for God’s Glory” Video Lesson
You’ll Need:
● “Using Their Talents for God’s Glory” video lesson
● Something to play the video
Do This:
Show them the video.

● Tell about the athlete that stood out most to you.
● What surprised you about how the athletes used their talents for God?

Gold Coin Cookies
You’ll Need:
● Small sugar cookies -- 3 per child
● Yellow icing
● Jelly beans -- 8 per child
● Napkins
● Plastic knives
Do This:
● Place the icing and jelly beans in the middle of the table.
● Give each child three small sugar cookies.
● Invite them to ice their gold coin cookies.
SAY: Today we heard a parable about three servants. Each was given a gift from
their boss to take care of while he was gone. One was given five bags of gold.
(Invite kids to put five jelly beans on one cookie. They may eat it while you continue.)
This servant was wise and invested what he was given and ended up with 10 bags
of gold. Then there was a servant who was given two bags of gold. (Invite kids to put
two jelly beans on one cookie. They may eat it while you continue.) He also worked
hard and got two more. Then there was the servant that got one bag of gold. (Invite
kids to put one jelly bean on one cookie. They may eat it while you continue.) He went
and dug a hole and hid his and only had one bag when the boss came back. The
boss called him lazy because he didn’t use what he was given.
● Tell about a gift or talent you wish you would’ve used for God.
● How might you use that talent in the future?
SAY: The servant with only one bag didn’t use the gift his boss gave him. If you
haven’t used your talents or gifts for God or worked at them with all your heart, you
can start today! God will see what you do and trust you with more.

Talent Prayers
You’ll Need:
● Small squares of wrapping paper with blank backsides
● Pens
● Gift box with a slit in the top
Do This:
● Give each child a square of wrapping paper. Invite them to write a talent they
have on the back of the wrapping paper. (Be prepared to help kids with ideas.)
● Explain that for prayer time they’ll get to walk up to the gift box one at a time to
put their talent in.
● Invite them to say aloud, “God help me use my talent for you” as they put their
talent in the gift box.
PRAY: Dear God, thank You that You created us and You love us. You also gave each
of us talents. Sometimes, God, we’re afraid to share our talents, and sometimes we
share them so we can get all the applause and praise. God we need Your help to
share Your talents for Your glory. WiIll You help us please? In Jesus’ name, amen.

Complete Supply List:
● Wrapped shoe box that can be opened
● Index cards
● Small sugar cookies -- 3 per child
● Yellow icing
● Jelly beans -- 8 per child
● Napkins
● Plastic knives
● Wrapping paper with blank backside
● Pens
● Gift box with a slit in the top
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