Sunday School at Home for November 5

Practice What You Preach

Theme: Do what you tell others to do.
Scripture: Matthew 23:1-12
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The Children’s Sermon:
Do This:
Lead kids through a couple rounds of Simon Says. In Simon Says, the leader tells kids
things to do but they have to listen closely. If you say, “Simon says,” then kids do the
motion. If you don’t say, “Simon Says,” kids don’t do the motion.
After a few rounds of Simon Says, SAY: You guys did a great job playing Simon Says.
Let’s play it the opposite way. You still need to listen to me say, “Simon Says”
before you do a motion. But, in this Opposite Simon Says, you will do the opposite
of what I say. If I say, “Simon says, ‘don’t touch your head,’ you will do the opposite
and touch your head.” Let’s try this.
SAY: Simon says, “don’t clap your hands.” (Kids should clap their hands because
they’re doing the opposite thing.)
Say these things for kids to do the opposite:
“Simon says, ‘Stand up.’ ” (Kids will sit.)
“Stand up.” (Kids should not move.)
“Simon says, ‘Sit down.’ ” (Kids will stand up.)
“Simon says, ‘Don’t pat your head.’ ” (Kids will pat their head.)
“Simon says, ‘Don’t stop patting your head.’ ” (Kids will stop.)
“Pat your stomach.” (Kids should not move.)
“Simon says, ‘Don’t practice what you preach.” (Kids will be confused.)
Have kids sit down.
SAY: Practice what you preach. What does that mean? (Pause.) I think it means that
if you tell someone to do something, you need to do it too. Practice what you
preach means don’t do the opposite thing that you say. Instead do what you say
others should do.
SAY: In our Bible lesson today, Jesus had something to say about "practicing what
you preach." Jesus was talking about the teachers of the law and the Pharisees in
the synagogue where people went to worship. Jesus said that everything that they
did was done so that others would see them and think how great they were. But
they didn’t do what they told other people to do. In fact, they did the opposite!
ASK: What did Jesus tell us to do about teachers like these? (Pause.)
SAY: You might think Jesus would say, "Don't listen to them! You don't have to do
what they say." But He didn't. Jesus said, "Obey these teachers and do everything
they say. But do not do what they do, because they do not practice what they
preach." When it comes to living the Christian life, we need to make sure we do
what we say.
Here’s a little poem that would be good to remember.
You can know a lot of Scripture
And have the gift to teach,
But what is more important --
Is to practice what you preach!
PRAY: Dear God, help us be people who do what we say so that others can see the
love of Jesus in us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

“Practice What You Preach” Video Lesson
You’ll Need:
● “Practice What You Preach” video lesson
● Something to play the video

Do This:
Show them the video.
● What did you learn about what it means to “practice what you preach”?
● Why do people not practice what they preach?
● How can we be people who practice what we preach?

Church Snacks
You’ll Need:
● Graham Crackers
● Frosting
● Pretzel sticks
● Plastic knives
● Paper plates
● Napkins
Do This:
Give each child six graham cracker squares, a paper plate, and a plastic knife. Place
bowls of frosting and pretzels in the middle of the table.
To make the “Church Snack,” have kids follow these steps:
● Frost the sides of the graham crackers and lean them together to form the
church building.
● Frost pretzel sticks and place them on the graham crackers to make a door,
windows, etc.
● Enjoy!
● What’s the difference between “pretending to be an adult” and “being an
● What’s the difference between “pretending to be a Christian” and “being a
real Christian”?
● How can we be sure that we are really being the church this week?
SAY: Jesus taught about how we should act vs. how the Pharisees were acting.
They were just playing church and Jesus wants us to be the real church.

Complete Supply List:
● Graham Crackers
● Frosting
● Pretzel sticks
● Plastic knives
● Paper plates
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