Sunday School at Home for October 1

Moses Gets Water From a Rock

Theme: God can do impossible things.
Scripture: Exodus 17:1-7
Get Ready: Click here to get your complete supply list for this lesson.

The Children’s Sermon:
You’ll Need:
● Small rock
● Blank piece of paper
● Scissors
Do This:
SAY: How many of you have ever played the game Rock, Paper, Scissors? Here’s
how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Follow along. Demonstrate the motions as you
explain. Say: Players all hold one hand out as a platform and hit it with their other
fist while saying, “Rock, Paper, Scissors…go!” On the fourth hit and the word “go,”
players form either a rock, paper, or scissors. Demonstrate each item as you say the
words. Say: This is how you know who wins: rock smashes scissors, paper covers a
rock, and scissors cut paper.
Let's play! You can all play against me and you can keep track of how many times
you win. Ready? One, two, three, go. For the first round, choose a rock. Say: I made a
rock. If you made paper, you win. If you made scissors, I win. If you made a rock, we
tied. Play several rounds.
SAY: The great thing about Rock, Paper, Scissors is that you can be a winner no
matter what you choose from game to game. Today, I have a real rock, paper, and
scissors with me. These items are all useful in their own way. Hold up each item as
you talk about it. If you wanted to write a letter, a rock or scissors wouldn't be much
help, but a piece of paper would be, wouldn't it? If you wanted to cut a piece of
paper, a rock or paper wouldn't help, but a pair of scissors would. If you were really
thirsty and needed a drink of water, a piece of paper or a pair of scissors wouldn't
be much help, but a rock might be exactly what you need.
Some of you are looking at me like I'm crazy! Don't you think a rock would be helpful
if you needed a drink of water? Let’s vote. Have kids raise their hand if they think a
rock would help or not if a person needed water.
SAY: Well, in our Bible lesson today, that’s exactly what happened: A rock helped
when people were thirsty.
What’s it like when you feel very, very thirsty? Let a few kids respond. Being thirsty
is uncomfortable. It can give you a headache and make you dizzy. In fact, the
human body has to have water every day, multiple times a day to stay alive.
Moses had led the Israelites out of slavery into the desert. The Israelites were more
and more thirsty, the situation was getting very serious, and they complained to
Moses. So Moses went to his tent and fell on his knees before God.
God answered and Moses did exactly what God told him to do. After he struck the
rock, water began rushing from it—enough to quench the thirst of all the people
and all their animals!
We can learn a lot from Moses. When you and I face an impossible situation, we can
go to God and ask for His help. God can do impossible things.
PRAY: Dear God, when we face impossible situations, help us remember Moses and
know that we serve a God who can get water from a rock. In Jesus’ name, amen.

“Water From a Rock” Video Lesson
You’ll Need:
● “Water from a Rock” video lesson
● Something to play the video

Do This:
Show kids the video.
Afterward, ask:
● What did you learn about God in this video?
● What is one thing you can ask God for help with this week?
SAY: Moses was desperate. God’s people were super angry with him. Their lives
were in danger. They were scared and thirsty. Moses went to God for help, and God
provided what they needed in a surprising and miraculous way. God is able to do
impossible things for us too.

Water From a Rock Craft
You’ll Need:
“Water From a Rock Craft” How-to Video
● Brown, tan, gray, and black construction paper
● Washable white, brown, black, and gray paint
● 4 Pie tins or plastic plates
● Sponges
● Scissors
● Water
● Blue glitter glue
● Markers
● Handwipes
Get Ready: Set out the supplies. Cut sponges into odd shapes and sizes.
Do This:
Have kids follow these steps for a unique “Water from a Rock” craft.
● Have kids choose a color of construction paper and then tear (no scissors!) the
paper into a rock shape. (The bigger, the better.)
● Show kids how to dip a damp piece of sponge into paint and then create a rough,
“rocky” pattern on their construction paper rocks.
● Let kids decorate their rocks with paint, then add a water-droplet shape
somewhere on it using the blue glitter glue.
● Write “God provides for me!” on the bottom of the rock.
● Set the crafts aside to dry.
SAY: God’s people were in need, and He did something impossible for them. There
are times in life when we have needs, too. It might be a basic need, like for water or
food. Or it can be a complex need, like help with a friendship or a job for our parent.
No matter what our needs are, we can always ask God for help and trust that he is
listening. God can do impossible things.
● What do you think happened after God’s people got water?
● What do you think happens today when God does something impossible for
SAY: Moses was in a desperate situation with no easy answer and God’s people
were dying of thirst. God saw this and provided a miracle for them by giving them
water from a rock. They were saved, and they knew they could trust God to provide.

Complete Supply List:
● Small rock
● Blank piece of paper
● Scissors
“Water from a Rock” video lesson
● Something to play the video
● Brown, tan, gray, and black construction paper
● Washable white, brown, black, and gray paint
● 4 Pie tins or plastic plates
● Sponges
● Scissors
● Water
● Blue glitter glue
● Markers
● Handwipes
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