Sunday School at Home for October 31

Rules to Live By

Theme: Love is God’s greatest commandment.
Scripture: Mark 12:28-34
Complete Supply List:
● A familiar board game with rules
● “Rules to Live By” video
● Something to play the video

The Children’s Sermon
You’ll Need:
● A familiar board game with rules

Do This:
SAY: Do you enjoy playing games? (Pause for responses, and invite children to shout
out their favorite games.)
I especially enjoy getting together with family or friends and playing games.
Sometimes we play card games or board games. This is one of the games I like to
play. (Show the game.) Before we play, we always explain the rules so everyone will
know how to play the game. (Invite kids to share some of the rules to the game you
showed them.)
Have you ever played a game with someone who didn't follow the rules? Touch
your nose if your answer is yes and touch your ears if your answer is no. (Pause for
responses.) Do you always follow the rules? Touch your nose if your answer is yes
and touch your ears if your answer is no. (Pause for responses.)
There are rules we must follow in the game of life, too. I have the rulebook right
here. (Hold up the Bible.) To really enjoy life the way God intended, it is important to
follow His rules in the Bible.
During Jesus’ time on earth, religious leaders liked to sit around and discuss the
law. They would sometimes ask Jesus questions about the law to try to trick Him
into saying something that would cause people to turn against Him. One day, they
were questioning Jesus, and He answered them with one good answer right after
another. One Jewish teacher asked Him, "Of all of the commandments, which is
the most important?"
Jesus answered him, "The most important one is this, 'Love the Lord your God with
all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your
strength.' The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' "
There are a lot of rules in this book. It may sometimes be difficult to remember all
of them. If we can just remember to obey the two commandments Jesus said
were the most important, all of the rest will follow. Then we can enjoy life the way
God intended it.

PRAY: Dear God, please help us to love You with all our hearts and to love others as
we love ourselves. In Jesus' name, amen.

Rules to Live By Video

Do This:
Show the video.

● Do you agree with Chip that most rules are dumb? Why or why not?
● How can you follow God’s greatest rule to love Him with all your heart?
● What are a few ways you can show love to your neighbors?

Motion Prayers

Do This:
● Invite children to stand up.
● Together, make up motions for Jesus’ commands in Mark 12:30-31 to recite
together in a prayer. For example:
○ ”Lord, help me to love You with all my heart.” (Kids put hands on their
○ “Lord, help me to love You with all my mind.” (Kids point to their head.)
● Once all the motions are decided on, pray the prayer together as a group.

PRAY: Dear God, We thank You that You give us rules to live by that will give us a
joyful life. Please guide us each day to act in ways that show our love for You and
our neighbors. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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