Sunday School at Home for September 4

Counting the Cost

Theme: The cost of discipleship.
Scripture: Luke 14:25-33
Complete Supply List:
● “Counting the Cost” video lesson
● Something to play the video
● 2 desirable snack options
● Cardboard
● Glue
● Yarn
● Scissors
● A whole punch
● Craft supplies
● White board or chalkboard
● Dry erase markers or chalk
● A Bible

The Children’s Sermon
Do This:
SAY: What are some things you’ve paid for with your own money? (Pause.) There
was a cost so you could have that thing. Let’s think about “cost.”
For instance, how much would you be willing to pay from your own money for an
ice cream cone? (Pause.) How about if you wanted a [toy that’s popular with your
kids] and your parents said you had to spend your own money—could you pay the
cost of [name estimated cost]?
Cost doesn’t always have to do with money. If you wanted to learn to play piano,
you’d have to pay money to get a piano to practice on, and you’d have to give up
playing with friends to go to lessons and to practice every day. Or if you wanted to
play a sport, you might need to buy equipment, give up free time to go to
practices, and you’d have to work hard to get good at it.
To think about cost more, let’s really break down the costs of something that could
be wonderful, but we’d really need to consider the cost of before we do it. Let’s say
you really wanted a pet. (Lead kids in choosing a pet they’d like to consider the costs
The first cost for getting a pet would be to pay money for it. (Give an estimated cost
for the pet kids chose.) Would you be willing to give up that much of your money or
do chores to earn all that money? (Pause, and then lead kids in naming all the other
“costs” they can think of. For example, if they want a puppy, they’d have to buy food
and treats, along with many other supplies, such as a collar, and they’d even need to
pay to register the dog in their county. They would have to potty train it and clean up
its accidents. They’d need to take it for walks every day, even when it’s really hot or
really cold outside. They’d need to clean up after it on walks, brush its fur, or use their
own money to take the puppy to the vet when it gets sick.)
Owning a pet we love can be wonderful, but it comes at a cost of money, time,
effort, and sometimes even sacrificing what we want to make sure the dog is safe
and cared for.
In the Bible, Jesus talked about something exponentially more wonderful and
amazing that also has a cost. Jesus told His friends, the disciples, that if they
wanted to follow Him, they’d need to think about the cost. But before we think
about the cost, let’s start with the reasons someone would want to be Jesus’
● What do you think would be wonderful about being Jesus’ follower?
Being Jesus’ follower is an important and special job, but Jesus said there’s also a
cost to think about. He said His disciples would have to make Him most important
in their lives, even more important than family and friends. He also said people
might make fun of them or hurt them for being His followers. Being a follower of
Jesus is not always easy, but it’s always the very best thing we can choose for
ourselves. He just wants us to know there’s a cost to living a life as Jesus’
follower, and that’s taking up our crosses.
PRAY: God, it’s easy to say that we want to follow Jesus, but it isn't always easy to
do. Help us to follow Him, whatever the cost. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Video Lesson
You’ll Need:
● “Counting the Cost” video lesson
● Something to play the video

Do This:
Show the video.
● Do you think the doctor is asking too high a cost from the patient? Why or
why not?
● How is the cost of giving up things to follow Jesus worth it?

Sacrifice Snack
You’ll Need:
● 2 desirable snack options
Do This:
Follow these steps for the snack:
● Have kids clean their hands.
● Give each child one of each of the snacks.
● Ask them to choose one and put back the other one.
● Allow them to begin eating.
● Say: Today we’re learning to take up our crosses.
● How was this snack activity like or unlike taking up your cross and following
SAY: Following Jesus is wonderful, but there are costs. Sometimes following
Jesus means we must sacrifice things we want like, comfort, popularity, time, and
so on.

Choice Action
You’ll Need:
● Art supplies
● 100-piece puzzles
● Balloons
● A whistle
Get Ready: Set up three game stations. One with the art supplies, one with the
puzzles, and one with the balloons.
Do This:
SAY: Jesus told His friends, the disciples, to pick up and carry their crosses. Let’s
do something to help us think about that.
Follow these steps for the game activity:
● Present the activities at the game stations:
○ Art supplies: make the most creative robot using the art supplies.
○ Puzzles: build a whole puzzle.
○ Balloons: don’t let the balloons touch the floor.
● Explain that when you blow the whistle, they can choose the activity they want
to do. Explain that when you blow the whistle again, they’ll have another chance
to choose their activity. They may stay at the same station or move stations.
● Play, as time allows. Blow the whistle every few minutes.
● Explain whether it was worth it to give up one activity to play another.
● How was that like or unlike what you must do in carrying your cross when
you choose to follow Jesus?
SAY: Following Jesus is the best choice we could ever make. It means we can be
forever friends with Him. And it means we’ll have His power and love with us
always. But it also means we might have to give up other things so we can make
Him most important. That’s what it means to carry our crosses.

Carry the Cross
You’ll Need:
● Cardboard
● Glue
● Yarn
● Scissors
● A whole punch
● Craft supplies
Do This:
To make the craft, have kids follow these steps:
● Remind kids that they’re learning when they follow Jesus, He says to “Carry
your cross.”
● Have kids cut crosses from the cardboard. They’ll whole punch the top.
● Have them decorate the crosses using the supplies.
● They’ll thread yarn through the whole to make the cross into a necklace.
SAY: Following Jesus isn’t easy. It means we must make Him most important over
everything and everyone else. But it’s worth it! Wear your crosses as a reminder to
carry your cross.

Names on the Cross Prayer
You’ll Need:
● White board or chalkboard
● Dry erase markers or chalk
● A Bible
Do This:
Lead kids to pray in this way:
● Read aloud Luke 14:27-30, and have kids repeat it after you.
● Pray: Jesus, help us to know how much You want us to follow You. Give us
the courage to make that choice and to carry our cross.
● Invite kids to write their name on the cross if they want to follow Jesus.
● Close in prayer.
PRAY: Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus. It’s the most wonderful choice we
could ever make to follow Him. We ask that You’d give us the strength to carry our
crosses as we do. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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