Worship at Home for Sunday, May 31, 2020



Children’s Message


Scripture Readings


Acts 2:1-21


1 Corinthians 12:4-13


Meditation      Confirmation Sunday

If you are of a certain age and raised in the Evangelical and Reformed tradition of the United Church of Christ, there is a good chance that you had to memorize the Evangelical Catechism or at least parts of it. Some of you may still be able to recite one or more of the catechism questions and answers. My recollection of Confirmation Class was that we were given a number of questions to memorize for class each week. Rev. Gabler, our pastor, would go around the room and ask each of us a question from the catechism at the beginning of class. Since I was afraid of being embarrassed by not knowing the answer to a question that I made sure to have memorized the questions each week.

On the last class session, Rev. Gabler asked us to write what we thought about Confirmation. I stared at by paper for a few minutes and chose to write an essay as to why I thought that we should spend more time reading the Bible rather than memorizing Catechism questions. On examination Sunday, he read my essay to the entire congregation. I wanted to slide under my pew. My essay led to changes in how confirmation was taught the following year. There was a greater emphasis in studying the Bible verses associated with the catechism questions. My sister was not happy with me as that meant more work for her. On another note, when I chose to enter ministry and study at Eden, Rev. Gable was helpful and supportive.

Another result of my essay is that I have the confirmands study the Evangelical Catechism, but I do not require that they memorize the whole thing. This Sunday each of our confirmands will recite a Bible verse and a Catechism question that they have chosen to memorize. Many of the questions that they chose come from the Apostles’ Creed which summarizes what we as Christians believe. My prayer is that they will remember these questions and answers for many years.

The plan had been to have Confirmation Sunday on Palm Sunday, but with the Covid-19 shut down, this was not possible. So, we moved Confirmation Sunday to Pentecost. Pentecost is considered by many to be the birthday of the Church. Therefore, Pentecost is a fitting day to welcome our Confirmands into the fellowship of St. Peter’s UCC. I regret due to social distancing needs that we can only have the confirmands, their families and a few worship leaders present in the sanctuary on Sunday. My hope is that though you might not be physically present on Confirmation Sunday that you will say prayers for our confirmands: Ruvia Nowack, Luis DeLong, Noah Caldwell, Camryn Caldwell, Owen Binkhoelter and Anya Binkhoelter.

1 Corinthians 12:4-13 tells us that there are a variety of gifts of the Spirit. “4 Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; 5 and there are varieties of services, but the same Lord; 6 and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who activates all of them in everyone.” 1 Corinthians 12:4-6. Each of our confirmands has their own gift of the Spirit and their own way of serving. Please pray that the Spirit will fill them and encourage them to live out their faith in the world. Their unique gifts are needed for the furthering of God’s mission in the world.

So too our each of your unique gifts of the Spirit needed. All of us are special in God’s eyes and equipped by the Spirit in important ways. Paul lists the gifts that were important in the Corinthian Church. Some people are given to speaking of knowledge, others wisdom, others healing and more. Everyone has something to share and to make this world a better place. Pray every day that you will use the gift of the Spirit that you have been given. You may not think that it is much, but someday someone will thank you for living out of your faith and making the world a better place.


Hymn              “I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry”

Remember that we are not alone. That God is with us always.
Call to mind those that you miss this Sunday and those who need God’s loving care and presence and ask God to care for them.

Spirit of God fill us today with your gifts, love and comfort. Be especially with our confirmands encouraging them and guiding them in lives of Christian faith. Spirit be with those whom we hold in our hearts in prayer today. We lift these prayers up in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Lord’s Prayer


Prayer list:

Simon, Howard, Julia, Ahna, Mike, Josh, Priscilla, Duane, Janet, Grandpa David, Dorothy, Jacob, Jenny, Ann, Dale, Gayle, Don, Cheryl, Dustin, Pat, Student with eating disorder, Tate, Patricia, Roland, aryann, Amanda, Virginia, Matthew, Tom, Naomi, Vic, Jennelle, Charlie, James, Rick, Christy, Reagan, Kim, Lee, Kevin, Gaylynn, Liz’s sister in law, Naomi, Nathan, Jason, Cheryl, Daniel, Betty, Dax, Carter, Laurie’s mom, Jock, Nancy, Pat, Malachi and Karen, Carolyn, Ellen, Shirley, Mary, Karen, Paul, Hal, Richard, Crystal, Edie, Paula, Jim, Truett, Brett and Danielle, Judy, Laura F, Shirley, Butch, Joyce., Macie, Michel, Dorothy L, family of child who donated a heart to Truett, Corey, Lauren, Anonymous Cancer Patient, Luis, Bernice, Mike, Clyde, Gary S., Linda, Pat, Gary, Dave, Laurie Lee, Gail, Brenda, Breana, Dean, Corey, Jeff, Nancy, Terry, Rev. Cantrell.

Special prayers:

  • Terry N who is recovering well.
  • Prayer request for all the people who have been affected by the Coronavirus.
  • Those members of our church and wider community who have been serving others at this time: Senior Center, Helping Hands, Gasconade R-2 Schools, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies, Medical Offices, Police Department, Volunteer Fire Department, EMS, 911 and more.


  • Take time to create a box to put food in to give to Helping Hands. Decorate the box with loving messages.
  • Write your troubles on a piece of paper. Place that paper in a box or an envelope. Give that box and your troubles of
  • Paint a prayer/worry rock to place somewhere that someone will find it and be inspired.
  • Donate via PayPal on our website or write a check.
  • Send a loving note to someone.

Prayer of Dedication

May our gifts be signs of our love for you. May our gifts grant hope in this time. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.




May God of heaven and earth be with you today and always.

May you pray patiently for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and

May you share the good news with those who need it. Amen.


Closing Hymn                        “Spirit of the Living God”      Chorus Book#38


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