Sunday School at Home for May 5, 2024

As I Have Loved You

Theme: We are to love others as Jesus loves us.
Scripture: John 15:9-17
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The Children’s Sermon
You’ll Need:
● A bag of suckers with various flavors, including butterscotch
Do This:
SAY: This morning I have a bag of suckers. As you can see, they come in many
different flavors. (Name the flavors in the bag.)
In my experience, kids can be particular about the flavor they choose, which
means I almost always end up with only butterscotch suckers when all the other
flavors are gone. Personally, I’m not sure why kids don’t want the butterscotch
suckers--I love all the flavors, butterscotch or not! (Invite kids to share their
favorite flavor and whether they’d ever choose butterscotch.)
Sometimes we treat people like those last-to-be-chosen, butterscotch suckers. In
outdoor games, certain kids are always the last to be chosen. Other times, kids
leave others out from gatherings, parties, or other activities. Maybe sometimes
there are reasons, like the child left out isn’t a great athlete, or maybe he or she is
interested in different things than your friends. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t
feel good to be left out.
● When was a time you felt left out or were chosen last?
● How did that make you feel?
Did you know you weren’t alone in that sad time? Jesus was with you! He doesn’t
want anyone to be left out. In the Bible, He reminded His friends that He loves ALL
the children, no matter what they look like or what their interests and talents are.
And He wants us to love others like that, too. He said, "Love each other as I have
loved you." Today we’re going to think more about how to love everyone and not
leave anyone out--butterscotch or not. (Let kids choose a sucker.)
PRAY: Dear Father, help us to remember that Jesus taught us to love one another
just as You loved Him and as He loved us. In Jesus' name, amen.

Bible Interactive Experience
You’ll Need:
● Bibles - one per child
Do This:
● Invite kids to turn their Bibles to John 15.
● Show kids how to make a heart with both of their hands. They’ll bend their
fingers, touching the backs of their fingertips together, to make the two
rounded tops of the heart. They’ll stretch their thumbs down to meet to make
the bottom point of the heart.
● Explain that as you read the passage aloud, kids are to make the heart shape
each time they hear the word “love.”
● Read John 15:9-12 aloud.
● What do you think Jesus means by loving others in the same way He has
loved us? Give an example.
● Share that Jesus is going to further explain in the remainder of the passage.
● Read John 15:13-17 aloud, having kids continue to show the heart with their
hands when they hear the word “love.”
● After you have completed the passage, tell kids they’re going to play a “true or
false” game.
● Have kids stand and show them how to make an even bigger heart with their
arms arched above their heads, as well as an X, by stretching their arms and
legs away from their bodies.
● Explain that you’re going to read statements, and they’ll make a big heart if they
think the sentence is true. If they think the sentence is false, they will make an
X shape with their arms and legs.
Here are the statements:
● It is best to try NOT to remain in Jesus’ love. (FALSE)
● We can remain in Jesus’ love by loving others the way He does. (TRUE)
● We are to love one another as we feel like it. (FALSE)
● The greatest love is one that lays down his life for his friends. (TRUE)
● Jesus is pleased when His friends follow His commands. (TRUE)
● Jesus says we don’t need to love one another that much. (FALSE)
SAY: Sometimes we don’t feel like loving others, or we don’t think they deserve to
be loved. But the truth is that we don’t deserve the love of Jesus. He lived a
perfect life, but He laid down His life for us by dying on the cross for our sins. If
we’re a follower of Jesus, we don’t get to choose if we want to love; Jesus
commands us to love one another.

The Father’s Love
You’ll Need:
● “The Father’s Love” video
● Something to play the video

Do This:
Show them the video.
● What did you learn about how God, our Father, loves us?
● What is so amazing to you about Jesus laying down His life for us?
● What is one way you can lay down your life for others by putting them first?
Complete Supply List:
● A bag of suckers with various flavors, including butterscotch
● Bibles - one per child
● “The Father’s Love” video
● Something to play the video
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