Worship at Home for October 15

Dear Friends,

Thank you to everyone who walked or donated to the CROP Walk last week. Our congregation raised over $1400 to feed hungry people in Owensville and beyond. This Friday those who attend the Homecoming Football Game will be asked to donate to Helping Hands by bringing a canned good or a dollar. Think of this as a wedding present to God’s heavenly wedding banquet.

If you would like a home visit, conversation, or home communion, please call me at 573-437-2779 (church) or 573-832-2475 (cell).

  • Tackle Hunger at the Homecoming Football Game on Oct 13
  • Monday: Church Budget Meeting at 6:30pm
  • Communion at Gasconade Manor will be Tuesday, October 24 at 1:30pm.
  • Pub Theology will be on Thursday, October 26 at 6:30pm at M. Clancy’s
  • We have Apple Butter for sale: Quarts - $10, Pints - $6, Half Pints - $4


Pastor Stephanie DeLong

Scripture: Exodus 32:1-14 and Psalm 106:1-6, 19-23 • Philippians 4:1-9 Matthew 22:1-14

Sermon: Rejoicing with God

October 10 would have been my 25th wedding anniversary had my husband Rondel not passed away in 2007. We were married on a Saturday morning at 10am. Yes, we chose to be married on the tenth day of the tenth month at ten o’clock. We did not order any engraved invitations. We simply said that anyone who wished to attend was welcome to do so. We put an invitation in the church newsletter. Told all our friends. I did send some handwritten invitations to friends living far away. Instead of gifts we asked that guests donate to Kinder Cottage in East St. Louis.

It was fun to see who turned out for our wedding. The church sanctuary was filled with church members, family, and friends. The reception in the church fellowship hall was pretty but simple by today’s standards. My sister and I decorated the tables with mums, table clothes and streamers. The women’s fellowship served coffee and punch to go along with the wedding cake, mints, and nuts. Instead of hiring a photographer, we placed disposable cameras on the tables and requested that the guests take pictures of themselves and others. The photographs that our guests took were a joy to see.

How sad we would have been if no one had attended. In the story from Matthew, I picture the King, his son and the bride sitting at the wedding banquet table looking at all the lovely decorations, prepared food, and empty tables. There would be no one to hear the music that the band was playing. No one to hear the speeches from the King. No one to enjoy the food. Their hearts must have been breaking.

The King tries to fix the situation by sending his servants to bring the invited guests to the wedding feast. The invited guests refused to come. Some chose to stay home and putter around the house. Some went to a sporting event instead. Some went shopping, but not for a wedding present. Some even mistreated and killed the messengers. Who does this?

The King, being a king could not just let the murders go free. So, he sent his troops to punish them and burn their cities. This king is powerful and a bit terrifying.

Now the king does something surprising. He sends his servants out into the streets to invite anyone who would like to attend. The servants did just this. The newly invited guests cleaned themselves up, styled their hair and put on their best clothes. They filled the banquet hall. But one guest did not take the invitation seriously. He did not bother to clean up, style his hair and put on his best clothes. The king saw that he had not taken the honor of being invited seriously enough and kicked him out of the celebration.

God loves us and invites all to be a part of the banquet. Some people hear God’s invitation but choose to do something else. How sad God must be when the banquet hall is empty. God keeps inviting people; the good and the bad. Those who hear the call and choose to come are asked to do so with love and care. Godly manners require us to clothe ourselves in the fashion modeled by Jesus.

Paul talked about making Jesus our goal and our focus. The words from Philippians provide a guide to proper manners at the wedding banquet. Jesus is to be our joy and crown. (Philippians 4:1) We are to rejoice in the Lord. (Phil. 4:4) We are to live in gentleness and love with one another. (Phil. 4:5) When we are worried, we are to take our concerns to God in prayer with thanksgiving. (Phil. 4:6) We are let God’s peace to be in our hearts and minds. (Phil. 4:7) We are to think about what is honorable, pure excellent and praiseworthy. (Phil. 4:8) We are to keep doing what we have learned to do and keep God’s peace with in us. (Phil. 4:9)

This makes a good check list of how to live our lives in faith. In doing so we will find ourselves clothed as proper guests at God’s heavenly banquet feast. God invites all of us to the wedding banquet. It is so sad when guests do not attend. I imagine that God’s heart breaks. May we be at the banquet and rejoice with God.

Prayer: God of joy, may we hear your call and respond with joy. Amen.

Prayer list: All who have been on our list for a while, Mark’ s brother Billy, Delores W., Tyra, Freya, Vicki B., Barb Z., Jesse, Heath who is at Lifecare in Sullivan, Tammy. Jennifer, Richard, Tamara, John, Dixon’s great granddaughter, Ashlely and Cody, Garth, Linda, Tessa, Carl, Kimbra, Liz’s father, Dannie, Lathe, Marilyn and all who are in need about which we do not know. If you know of anyone who would like a prayer shawl, please let us know.

Prayers for the family of Chris, a nephew of Vickie and Dave Mayberry who passed away on October 8.

Prayers for the family of Tammy, a niece of Vickie and Dave Mayberry who passed away on Wednesday.

Prayers for all the places in the world where there is war. At this time special prayers for Israel and Gaza.